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Universal Life Insurance

Life Insurance For Business
At your death what will happen to your business? Will your heirs need to sell the business to obtain cash to pay estate taxes and liabilities? Will your heirs and surviving owners work together harmoniously?

Equity Indexed
Business Life Insurance
Equity Indexed
Life Insurance Advantages

Business Life Insurance

Success in business requires careful planning but there is one contingency that many businesses fail to plan for -- the death of a business owner or key employee. Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a close corporation the death of a business owner or a key employee can be costly to your business and your family.

Without proper planning, the premature death of a business owner could result in the business being liquidated, sold to outside parties, or surviving family members may have to become active in the business.

With the use of life insurance, cash can be available to assist with the orderly, economical adjustments following the death of a business owner or key employee.

Before any decision is made, your attorney and tax advisors should be consulted and an attorney should prepare any business documents that may be needed.

An Equity Indexed Universal Life insurance policy can provide the resources you need to regroup or re-build after the loss, should you lose a key employee or business partner to death.

Life Insurance Advantages

There are many advantages life insurance offers that other alternatives do not:

  • Life insurance annual premiums are often a small fraction of the death benefit
  • Death benefits are available when needed, regardless of when the owner dies
    Death benefits are generally federal income tax-free




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