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Universal Life Insurance  

Tax Management Strategies
Tax management can be confusing, that's why MEG offers four key universal life (UL) products: Equity Indexed Universal life insurance, Universal Life, Variable, and whole life insurance. An explanation for each of these can be found below.

Tax Management Strategies

MEG offers four universal life (UL) products with these key features:


Equity Indexed Universal Life


Universal Life


Variable Universal Life


Whole Life

Key Features of Universal Life Products:

Income tax-free death benefit – Choose either a level or increasing death benefit. The death benefit becomes payable when the insured dies and may be included in your estate for federal tax purposes.

Under current tax laws, there are generally no federal income taxes on life insurance death benefits paid to your beneficiaries. In addition, money that accumulates in a life insurance policy grows tax-deferred. That means you don't pay taxes on the growth on your policy until you take it out.

Premium payment flexibility –Always consult with a tax advisor before making changes in the amount or frequency of premium payments as there may be federal tax consequences. Choose the amount and frequency of your premium payments.

Access to cash accumulation and benefits – Because any earnings are tax-deferred until you withdraw them from the policy, your policy account values have the potential to accumulate faster. You receive a guaranteed minimum rate of interest on the policy’s cash value.

You choose if you want your policy to Provide easy access to death benefit if the insured should become terminally ill.
Guarantee that your policy stays in force for 20 or 30 years.
Pay a benefit for each month you are totally disabled beyond a specific waiting period.
Allow the policy's mature date be extended at no extra cost.*

Affordability –Premiums may be more economical than certain other life insurance products because UL is designed for the long term.

Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

* Within policy guidelines. It is not our intent to give tax advice. Please consult a tax advisor.


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